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Success story: Retailors Europe

By Lonneke
Rsult Netsuite

Retailors Europe is an European holding that owns and runs several Nike stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and many more countries to follow. They are a fast growing company that was founded in 2020 as part of a larger retail company from Israel.

In 2020, Retailors Europe had:

  • 5 NetSuite users
  • 1 head quarter in Amsterdam
  • 7 subsidiaries

The challenge

Following the startup of their European activities, Retailors Europe implemented NetSuite in a span of 5 months, so they are able to more easily administrate and consolidate their accounting across stores and countries.

The challenge was to learn how to use a new system in a very short time and establish new processes to optimize the solution. To add to the challenge, several countries with their own way of working had to be included in the process of migration and training. Retailors Europe set out to find a partner who would not only take care of the implementation of NetSuite, but also be a partner in training and assisting users during and after go-live.

The solution

Retailors Europe decided to go with NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First to support their administrative processes. They chose to partner with Rsult and together we looked at how to best support them during the implementation. We used the ‘Keep it Simple Smart’ (K.I.S.S.) method to start working with the standards that SuiteSuccess already offers and work from there to add business processes and integrations to the POS systems in their stores.

Rsult has implemented NetSuite and assisted with migration and training the employees to work with NetSuite. We had the privilege to do so in an organic and agile way, where we looked at the needs at that time and tailored our services to fit.

“Having a consultant from Rsult assist as flexible as they did was a real gain. Rsult consultants acted as intermediaries and were able to take us by the hand and help us get started with NetSuite. We value our partnership with Rsult.” 

Mr. Elmaliyah – CFO Retailors Europe

After a few months, the Retailors Europe team is now comfortable using NetSuite to its fullest and is looking at how to optimize processes by making even better use of all the functionalities that NetSuite uses.  

What has the SuiteSuccess implementation process brought Retailors Europe?

After the initial setup and run through the Retailors Europe team is able to:

  • automatic reading of (batch) invoices from their largest supplier;
  • quickly report on consolidated company results over multiple stores and multiple countries around the world;
  • allow for an expected growth in market potential, even in times of COVID-19;
  • save time on data entry and focus more on quality of work and better and easier reporting.

Key take aways

  • ERP implementations don’t need to be fixed to a set scope, but rather allow for a flexible view on what the client needs.
  • This story also emphasizes a major success factor: getting management committed to an ERP project! In this case, the CFO initiated the project and carried it to a success.