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Success story: Teamtalkers

By Lonneke
Rsult Netsuite

Teamtalkers, a startup providing a free social media platform specially made for local communities, has successfully partnered with Rsult in implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First.

The primary goal of Teamtalkers is to keep generated data value local, so that the communities who produce the data can benefit of this. As a user of their app, you give your data value to the benefits of your local community. This allows communities like local sport clubs, to earn revenue from advertisements while providing their members a place to interact socially.

As a high potential startup, Teamtalkers looked at different solutions for their back-office support. NetSuite offered the most flexible solution, which allows Teamtalkers to grow internationally.

What has the 3 week implementation process brought Teamtalkers?

After a three week implementation process, changes were immediate according to team members. Teamtalkers was able to:

  • Interface webshop orders to NetSuite in order to provide customers with localized invoices;
  • Allow for automatic accounting and revenue calculation;
  • Allow for an expected growth in market potential, even in times of COVID-19;
  • Get a more accurate picture of margins on app sales, which helped grow its e-commerce operation.

Key take aways

  • ERP implementations don’t have to drag on! Teamtalkers was up and working in about 20 days.
  • The company’s story also emphasizes a major success factor: getting management committed to an ERP project! In this case, the co-founders initiated the project and carried it to a success.

I am very content with the fast services of Rsult and I am looking forward to a long term partnership!

Rehuel Siemons – CEO of Teamtalkers

Teamtalkers is now known onder their new name Dividis and can be found via their website or by earching in the Appstore on iOS or Google Play Store.

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